h1.* Candar Background*

Candar is a continent that has always been shrouded in fog and mystery. Many attempts have been made to pierce into the fog and view what lay beyond it.. However Both the mundane methods as well as the magical met with failure. This frustrated those kingdoms that gained knowledge of it. Then one day a great storm erupted from no where and seemingly tore the fog banks asunder.. It was rumored that those at sea on that day heard the great rumbling of anger within the storm itself. Amongst the Sages it is whispered that a storm of such magnitude has not been known, since the beginnings of the time of troubles.. When the storm ended there was a lush forested landmass where the fog once was…Of the many vessels that were at sea on that fateful day it is said only few ever returned to port… The astonished crews that did make it back to port started to spread their tales in hushed tones along the waterfronts…. The first settlements were those of pirates and their kind.These settlements were all sponsored by competing nations.However much to the chagrin of their sponsors these pirates/privateers targeted passing vessels and gained some notoriety and wealth. The pirates/privateers did not share much of these ill gotten gains with their sponsor nations. This created a rift between the pirates and their sponsors. It was this rift between the differing parties that prompted a second wave of expeditions. These expeditions were of a militaristic nature.. The sponsors decided to use their own militaries against the pirates/privateers. These military actions were two-fold. Their first action was to reign in the pirates/privateers from the previous wave. The second was to stabilize and control the earlier settlements. These were both moderately successful.. However there still remains a few settlements solely being controlled by the pirates. .This of course has been a very expensive endeavour on both parts.. In order to alleviate these costs. The governments released half of the current military present in this new land from military servitude. The only restrictions were to remain in what is now being called Candar (the Continent) and establish trade and revenue. It was at this time that the third wave of explorers began to arrive..This is the wave that you all find yourselves a part of…..


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